Reviews-Sell Fast Mass


Review #1

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help and persistence in getting my house sale all the way through to successful closure. Your patience, support and help were appreciated by me. My life is filled with many stressors and you took this one on and made it so much easier for me to survive the process. You are very skilled in what you have chosen to do. I have compared notes with others in similar situations and they are worried about things I did not even have to think about. Thank you so much giving me as much peace of mind as you could. You and Beth make an unbeatable team when life has gotten to a very low point. You are the best, and your card is in my wallet to share with all!!

Hope your vacation was restful!

Thanks again and Best wishes

Holly K. (Hamilton, MA)

Review #2

Marcello is an expert at short-sales, with vast experience and knowledge on the technical side with the banking computer systems and processes that must be followed. On the personal side, he is great to work with and has the ability offer coaching to both the buyer and seller with respect to the process intricacies. I would highly recommend Marcello as a short sale realtor, he is able to handle these types of difficult transactions.

David G. (Holliston, MA)

Review #3

I am a conveyancing Attorney for over 30 years, and, it has been my pleasure to have worked with Marcello Trolio and Sell Fast Mass. He truly is an expert at short sales and has successfully obtained outstanding results for his clients.

His level of knowledge, professionalism, and work ethic is unique in this often daunting field of short sales.

I would not hesitate to give Marcello Trolio and Sell Fast Mass my highest recommendation.

Frank M. DiMaria, Esq (Tyngsborough, MA)

Review #4

I have worked with Marcello Trolio for almost ten years. He is by far the best professional I know for dealing with short sales and distressed property. He has the attention to detail and follow through necessary to negotiate with all aspects of these complicated transactions. He also has the skills and compassion needed to help guide sellers of these homes throughout the process. Moreover, he offers advice to help people rebuild their financial futures. I have recommended several clients to him in the years we have worked together and will continue to do so

Tom DeBenedictis

Sales Manager NMLS#24252

Mortgage Network, Inc.

Review #5

I have worked with Sell Fast Mass since 2005 and have found them to be extremely knowledgeable in the ever changing Housing market. They were experts in the Short Sale process before Short Sale became an everyday term!

They also bring something to the table, that’s very important as well as expertise. Custom Realty Solutions treat you with not only true professionalism but also extreme empathy & support during what is obviously a stressful and life altering event.

In closing, there are many “Companies” out there who make a lot of false promises and it’s great to know that there are true Professionals such as Custom Realty Solutions that really care and help you with the process from A to Z!


Richard Z (Lynn, MA)

Review #6

A portion of our practice at Black and Buono, P.C. specializes in bankruptcies and debt restructuring. To that end, Marcello Trolio has worked with us on many occasions in assisting our clients in short sales of their homes.

Marcello has an extremely high success rate and a high degree of client satisfaction. In the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working with Marcello. He does an outstanding job and he is very proficient at coordinating the details of each transaction. I would highly recommend him if you are considering a short sale, in danger of foreclosure or filing for bankruptcy.

Marie M. Delaney

Black and Buono, P.C.

Review #7

We meet Marcello about 4 years ago (2008) when selling out home in Tewksbury, MA. The real estate market was in the process of collapsing nationwide, but I didn’t believe it. Assessed values were dropping weekly and nothing was selling.

Marcello is not your regular real estate sales person; he is more of a very knowledgeable real estate advisor.

He presented several options to us and carefully went through the differences and impact of each option with us. His suggestions and advice resulted in a very successful sale of our property.

We also had an occasion to sell another property last winter (Jan 2012) in Medford. It was a two family house and the market prices were depressed. The Tenant had left the apartment in a mess, complicating our ability to sell the property. Marcello completed a realistic property assessment and understood our desire to sell quickly and for a reasonable market price. Marcello made some very good suggestions to repaint and “clean-up” the apartment in anticipation of good staging practices for the upcoming sale. He performed some analysis of the pros and cons of doing these improvements and in the end his ideas were very timely and led to a better than expected sale price for this house.

We actually sold the house for approximately $ 60K more than we had listed it for due to the help from Marcello.

I suggest you call him, explain your expectations to him and let him advise you. He is very honest and dedicated to assisting you. In our case he came through both times with fantastic results.

Nicholas DeMeo

12 Basel St

Moultonborough, NH 03254