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I have worked with Marcello Trolio of Sell Fast Mass for almost ten years. He is by far the best professional I know for dealing with short sales and distressed property.  He has the attention to detail and follow through necessary to negotiate with all aspects of these complicated transactions. He also has the skills and compassion needed to help guide sellers of these houses throughout the process. Moreover, he offers advice to help people rebuild their financial futures. I have recommended several clients to him in the years we have worked together will continue to do so.

Tom Debenedictis-Sales Manager, Mortgage Network, Inc.

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Learn more about a short sale, how to meet lenders criteria for short sales, and how to start a short sale your house! 

Short Sale Your house:What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is an agreement in which your mortgage lender agrees to accept a payoff on the loan for less than the balance. Many lenders agree to a short sale because they receive more of the loan balance in comparison to the amount they would gain from selling the property following a foreclosure. The short sale process also aids in maintaining house values in the community the property is located and helps the houseowner maintain a better level of credit compared to a foreclosure.

In most instances, houseowners considering a short sale must meet specific criteria to qualify for a short sale:

Short Sale Criteria #1: You must be behind in your mortgage payments
Short Sale Criteria #2: Provide evidence of economic hardship, and
Short Sale Criteria #3: Have little or no equity in the property.

If you are looking to short sale your house please call us today at 781-591-0779 or fill out the above form an a qualified short sale expert will call you shortly!

Short Sale Your House:A Win-Win Solution!

Short sale is really a win-win everyone.

Does any of the below describe your situation?  

  1. Are you upside down on your real estate mortgage?
  2. Do you owe more on your house than it’s worth?
  3. Have you gone through a financial hardship?
  4. Divorce, Loss of Job, Loss of Income?
  5. Are you nearing foreclosure?
  6. Afraid the bank is going to take back your property?
  7. Is moving a must but you have zero equity?

If you so then short sale may be your best solution. To find out for sure please call us today at 781-591-0779 we can go over your situation and how we can helpyou short sale your house. Or please fill out the above form and a qualified short sale expert will call you shortly!

Short Sale Your House: The first steps to a Short Sale?

Its critical to know the first steps to a short sale

The first step is of a short sale is education, finding out more about the short sale process and connecting with a qualified short sale expert who can fully access your situation and go over the options. Please call us at 781-591-07779 or fill out the above form so that we can help you to know if you qualify for a short sale and how to most effectively short sale your house!

Short Sale Your House: Working With Qualified Short Sale Experts

Choose to work with the right short sale expert will lead to a successful short sale

We have been negotiating short sales for over 10 years. We have a proven record of successfully negotiating hundreds of short sales and helping our customers to avoid foreclosure and further credit damage. In fact, because of our solid reputation of successfully handling short sales, many Massachusetts attorneys and mortgage reps send us their clients who are behind on payments because they know that we can help their customer’s short sale their house. Please call us today at 781-591-07779 so we can begin to short sale your house or please fill out the above form and a qualified short sale expert will contact you.